VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review 4×4 / 48″ x 48″

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If you are looking for an effective 4×4 grow tent, you might not have to look further than Vivosun. In this review, I will analyze why Vivosun is as popular as it is.

You pay good money for assured quality. If you decide to cut corners when you invest in a grow tent, you are likely to find that you have bought cheap fabric dressed up as the genuine stuff by using mylar and a PVC frame.

When you buy Vivosun, you invest in a 4×4 grow tent made of 600D canvas that will not tear easily, and that will provide your plants with adequate light exposure thanks to the use of mylar that reflects 98% of light. Best of all, Vivosun allows enough space to fit a humidifier in addition to pots weighing 3-5 gallons for up to four plants.

You no longer have to contend with air leakages, thanks to fabric that is mysteriously ripped and zippers that are inconveniently broken. Buying a Vivosun grow tent is investing in a 4×4 that can free you from the headaches that you experienced in the past with cheap grow tents.

If you are new to growing indoors, make sure you add a few more necessary items to the grow tent that you will need to maintain the perfect growing environment to help you grow a quality crop. In other words, you must ensure that the temperatures and humidity levels are just right.

VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray 2020

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I will first take a look at the VIVOSUN brand and the value it offers to buyers like you and me.

With over eight years in the business, VIVOSUN has established itself in the gardening sphere with nearly 200 products that cater to every gardening need. I can tell you from personal experience that with VIVOSUN, you can take great customer service for granted. That, coupled with unimpeachable performance, is why buyers like me have made VIVOSUN products best sellers on numerous shopping sites online.

The quality of their products has improved steadily over time.

In addition, to grow tents, you can also get VIVOSUN grow lights that are real value for money. With so many successful products in its stable, VIVOSUN gives buyers like you and me the assurance we need that we are dealing with a manufacturer that knows what it is doing.

Now that I have dwelt on the brand let me get back to reviewing the bestselling VIVOSUN grow tents.

Basic Features of the VIVOSUN Grow Tent:

Materials Used in Vivosun Grow Tents:

When you buy a grow tent, never compromise of material quality. The quality of material used can determine how good your growing process is.

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The most sought-after outer material of grow tents is made from Oxford canvas. The density of the canvas used is equally important. If you want a material that lasts long, look for a canvas that is thick and dense. You and I are especially concerned about any light that may leak through the material. That’s where the thickness of the canvas can help.

VIVOSUN grow tents are made of 600D canvas renowned for density and thickness.

Moreover, the manufacturer has used double stitching on the tear-proof canvas to prevent any leakage of light or air.

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Assembling the VIVOSUN Grow Tent:

Once the grow tent is delivered, you would need to assemble the various body parts manually.

Fortunately, it is not hard to assemble. The box comes with an instruction manual with clear illustrations of the steps needed to assemble the grow tent.

You can also see a visual walkthrough in a video that describes the whole assembly process for a Vivosun grow tent.

The Frame of the Vivosun Grow Tent:

The grow tent needs the backbone that the frame provides to hold the whole structure up. You cannot compromise on the quality of the frame. The frame must be completely reliable. It must not bend or snap as do some frames made of plastic or fiber, especially when some kids play with it.

Fortunately, the Vivosun grow tent has a metallic frame with tool-free connectors provided to set up the metal poles.

The free pole connectors allow you to assemble the grow tent easily and will free you from the stress that assembling such equipment can often cause.

Take a look at the picture below that shows you how easy it actually is.

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The structure makes the whole set up stable and strong and offers value for money when you invest in arguably the best grow tent you can buy.

Quality of Seal and Tent Reflection:

I don’t mind repeating that the manufacturer of the VIVOSUN grow tent has used quality materials in building the product. Reflective Mylar is used to line the interior of the grow tent and helps to reflect nearly 98% of the light from the grow lights onto the plants.

The use of Mylar, combined with arguably the best LED Grow Lights, will ensure the best outcomes for your crops.

As I have already mentioned before, high-quality zippers and double stitching ensure that there is no leakage of light.

My review of Vivosun grow tents came about after I heard other growers besides myself praising the product.

Safety Features of Vivosun:

Safety is a priority if you want to grow indoors, especially because you would have to deal with heat, a very dangerous factor for healthy plant growth.

If you don’t factor heat into your growing plan, you could face a disastrous outcome.

You must especially consider whether the fabric of the grow tent can resist heat adequately.

If such resistance is lacking, you could end up with a burning tent.
Though such a fire is a rare happening, it has been reported by some experts.

I am happy to inform you that Vivosun grow tents offer excellent protection against heat.

This has proved true even for a high degree of heat. The high-quality fabric used by the manufacturers of the Vivosun grow tent accounts for its high resistance to heat, making it one of the safest grow tents on the market.

Ventilation and exhaust ducts in Vivosun grow tents:

Your plants need ventilation to help them grow healthy and large. Multiple vents are provided in Vivosun grow tents to serve the needs. You can use drawstrings to adjust the vents to ensure that they don’t leak.

Fans and grow lights are some other heat-generating tools you will find in your grow space, thereby heating up the grow space environment very quickly. However, Vivosun grow tents have an adequate number of vents to guard your plants against such heating of their grow space environment.

Due to the continued use of traditional lighting modes such as MH or HPS, you might find it hard to control the temperature inside the grow tent. The remedy exists in the form of LED grow lights.

In addition to reducing the temperature inside the grow tent, they also help conserve energy. For those of you who seek a fan suitable for use in your grow tent, Vivosun has several excellent choices in the form of inline fans. These are not only affordably priced but also allow you to hook them up to your grow tent’s ventilation ducts. Vivosun’s inline fans are the perfect add-on fans for your indoor growing needs.

The Right Size of Fan for a 4×4 Vivosun Grow Tent:

In my experience, a 4×4 grow tent is best served by a ~200cfm fan. I will not hesitate to tell you to invest in a state-of-the-art AC Infinity T4, which will not set you back by a huge amount and represents excellent value for money.

Although the AC Infinity T4 lacks ducting, you can buy the accessory easily (on Amazon) and without having to pay a huge price for it. And if you are wondering how many plants you can grow in a VIVOSUN grow tent, here’s a chart to help you decide.

This chart devised by Vivosun does not factor the space that a humidifier might occupy nor any additional space that may be needed to grow a myriad variety of plants. This is a general chart to help you make an approximation.

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Take a look at some photos that show how much you can fit into a 4×4 grow tent.

As you can verify from the photo, my earlier estimate of being able to fit a humidifier in addition to four plants has been proved right.

The Size Range of Vivosun Grow Tents:

Vivosun tents deliver yet another benefit by being available in various sizes. Name the size you need, and Vivosun is likely to have a grow tent to suit your exact need. Vivosun’s best-seller on Amazon is a grow tent measuring 48” X48” X80”, perfectly suitable for use by both professionals and beginners. Vivosun grow tents are also offered in 60” X60” X80”, 96” X48” X80”, and 48″x24″x60″ size variants.

For those of you who are looking for a grow tent suitable for growing marijuana, a six-foot high grow tent is likely to suit your need as the marijuana plant grows to that height, much higher than tomato and other vegetable crops.

Size is the only differential among the various types of grow tents offered by Vivosun that have all the other features.

Additional Amenities and Features of Vivosun Grow Tents:

Floor trays and observation windows are among other features that Vivosun tents boast. While there are many reputable brands on the market, Vivosun owes its popularity to the features it offers in its grow tents. While all the features offered by the company are not mandatory requirements of growers, offering such features helps alleviate many common worries among growers.

Some of the more useful features valued by buyers of Vivosun grow tents include a tent window that allows a grower to observe the plants with easy convenience. The observation window is usually featured on the front portion of the door. A grower does not have to enter the grow room to observe how the plants are coming along. A canvas cover is provided to ensure that light does not leak via the observation window.

A spill proof mylar tray that you can easily take apart is featured at the bottom of the tent. Thanks to the tray, you can keep your growing space clean without having to stress.

The mylar tray also proves useful when you want to remove drained water for plants.
You can store small bottles and miniature tools in a tool holding bag provided by Vivosun.

The multiple features offered add to the value-for-money aspect of Vivosun grow tents.

Customer Support and Warranty

A two-year warranty offered on Vivosun grow tents can keep you free of hassles as you go about growing your crops. The company also offers excellent customer service and a less-than-24-hours’ problem resolution service.

Such customer service and warranty offered speak volumes for the manufacturer’s conviction in the quality of the product. Any quality manufacturer must be available to you during bad times in order to spell out real value. Hence, I insist on these features to support the credibility and value of a brand.

Vivosun’s customer support helps back up the company’s claim of prioritizing quality rather than quantity.

Let’s take a look at some feedback from buyers of Vivosun grow tents:
Vivosun 4×4 grow tents are rated highly by many buyers. Here’s a summary of feedback from buyers of the company’s product.

Many buyers have praised the manufacturer for using metal poles and connectors, comparing these features favorably over the use of plastic in similar products of other companies. Other well-liked features include the quality of stitching and zippers, in addition to the price range.

Products that are offered online attract both positive and negative responses from buyers. Vivosun grow tents are no different in this regard. A few negative comments were forthcoming mainly from those who had taken delivery of damaged tents or packaging. However, I was reassured to observe that Vivosun had reached out to such unhappy buyers and tried to resolve the issue.

VIVOSUN Grow Tent’s Pros and Cons


  • Fabric made of 600 D Oxford canvas offers greater thickness
  • Inner Mylar that is Highly Reflective Offering ~ 98% Reflection
  • Installation Manual that allows easy, user-friendly set up.
  • A-frame structure that boasts strength and stability
  • Zippers that are smooth and reliable
  • Near zero leakage of light
  • Odour free (Highly suited for Cannabis)
  • Perfectly placed ventilation ducts
  • Convenient windows that allow easy observation
  • Additional amenities
  • A satisfied buyer base
  • A famous brand renowned for quality
  • A two-year warranty offering


  • Light leakage via observation window despite covering.
  • No one-size-fits-all offering: buyer must select the size according to plant size
  • Three-year warranties offered by competitors as against two-year warranty of Vivosun

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the plant-holding capacity of the VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tent?

Is there an adequate reflection of light in the VIVOSUN Grow Tent?

Can the poles bear the weight of a fan as well as an LED Grow Light?

How big are the duct openings?

Are waterproof floor trays provided?

What is the mode of opening/closing the observation window?

Vivosun Grow Tent Components Provided In-box:

You can get a grow tent cover of any size you want

Poles and corner clips are provided with the frame structure (you can choose the pole size according to your requirement) 

  • A Portable Floor Tray
  • Carbon filter belts
  • An Instruction manual

While I have tried to answer any possible question a buyer of a Vivosun grow tent may have, feel free to ask me any other question (refer my contact page).

My Final Verdict on VIVOSUN 4×4 Grow Tents:

If you value quality over quantity or price, then VIVOSUN grow tents are for you.

Much research has gone into designing this grow tent. The sheer number of positive reviews and favorable ratings at Amazon should help a prospective buyer make up his mind about buying a Vivosun grow tent.

Taking into account the user-friendly design, safety features, and general high quality offered by the company, I have no hesitation in recommending Vivosun Grow Tents.

Best of all, there is a perfect size on offer for every type of plant you may intend to grow.

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