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Unit farm has been in the LED grow light industry for more than nine years. Over this period, the company has accumulated years of experience to make them among the best LED grow light manufacturers. Specifically, their lights feature high penetration, low power consumption, and low heat production.

The following are the other features incorporated in Unit Farm LED grow lights.

Unique No-Glass Design

Other brands on the market use double or triple lenses to magnify the light so that it can penetrate the canopy effectively. In contrast, Unit Farm uses a unique no-glass design that may prove more efficient than the lenses the competitors utilizes.

It is quite logical that a no-glass design may be more efficient than those lights with a double or triple lens. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to inhibit the movement of light from the chips to the grow room environment. It is a possibility for the lenses used in most grow lights to be a barrier.

According to the manufacturer, the LED grow lights have the best lumen output in the market. That is good news to the growers and their plants.

Easy-to-use LED Lights

Unit Farm uses a simple design that does not incorporate complicated controls such as the remote control and numerous modes that you may find in some brands. Instead, the design of the LED lights focuses on two styles – the vegetative and bloom. It is according to the expectations of the growers.


All the Unit Farm LED lights are UL certified for safety. As a result, you will not need to worry about unsafe light output that may be detrimental to your health and that of the crops. Furthermore, the LED lights do not produce a significant amount of heat, and the plants are not at any risk of suffocation.

Efficient Semiconductor Chips

The semiconductor chips are solely responsible for the production of light energy that plants require to photosynthesize. In comparison to the competitors, Unit Farm has a more efficient blend of Cree and Osram chips to achieve efficiency in light production.

Furthermore, these chips have a high bin quality to ensure that the plants get the right doses for photosynthesis.

Excellent Cooling

What makes LED grow lights ideal is the low heat production which the other traditional grow lights may not match. However, it is not all LED grow lights in the market that have an efficient cooling system.

Unit Farm uses an efficient heat sink in all the products. As a result, the LED grow lights have a superior cooling that protects your crops against damage.

You may also not need to invest in complicated cooling systems such as the fan and numerous output vents. Efficient cooling also increases the lifespan the LED light. It will not overheat and burnout when you are unprepared.

Sufficient Wavelength

Plants require the visible light for photosynthesis. It is not all LED lights on the market that can produce the blue and red light that plants need for photosynthesis. However, Unit Farm produces sufficient wavelength to optimize photosynthesis. The plants get what they need, and they don’t have any excuse not to thrive.

Easy To Install

No one can honestly say that they love the process of installing complicated equipment. Anything can go wrong during installation. Unit Farm focuses on simplicity especially when it comes to installation. The Unit Farm LED grow lights are easy to install. You don’t need any technical knowLEDge to pull it off.

Tough Construction

The materials used in the Unit Farm LED grow lights are top quality and durable. Specifically, they have a jagged design and robust construction to increase the lifespan of the product.

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