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One of the most popular LED grow light manufacturers is Kind. Their cutting edge LED technology is as a result of rigorous research and consultations with hydroponic growers to develop some of the best LED grow lights.

The grow lights come with 3 or 5 light emitting diodes featuring UV and infrared diodes for flowering and vegetative stages of plant growth. Kind has the best full spectrum LED grow lights on the market.

The following are some of the other features that characterize kind LED grow lights.

High Standards of Manufacture

Kind is one of the most respected brands in the market for LED lights. The people behind the California-based company are experienced growers who for many years used the traditional HID grow lights to achieve high plant yields.

Over the years, Kind has established themselves in the market as one of the best LED grow light manufacturers. Their high end grow lights may be a little expensive than others on the market, but it is for a good reason. The best quality products are never the cheapest.

Full Spectrum

Plants require a specific light spectrum to photosynthesize and grow. Full-spectrum LED grow lights emit the right amount of blue and red lights necessary to enhance plant growth.

Specifically, Kind is the only company that incorporates a 12-band spectrum LED panel in 3-watt diodes.

Secondary High Optical Lens

Kind LED grow lights boast secondary high optical lenses that magnify the light produced several times to penetrate the canopy. As a result, the quality of the light is better than the competitors.

Efficient Cooling

All the kind LED grow lights come with an efficient cooling system. Kind incorporates 2CM aluminum heat sink to achieve the efficient cooling effect on the light. The result is a light that stays longer and avoids producing high temperatures that may not be good for the plants. Every grower knows that high temperatures are never suitable for the crops.

Ultraviolet and Infrared Functionality

Sufficient amount of infrared light benefits the plant by promoting stem growth, enhanced flower and fruit production as well as node spacing. Too much infrared translates to a significant amount of heat and which may require expensive cooling systems in the grow room. However, LED grow lights from Kind are not only energy-efficient but also produce the right amount of infrared that plants require for better growth and fruit yield.

Good Warranty

LED lights are a technical product, and a good warranty comes in handy. Kind warranty agreement covers workmanship and Material defects for three years from the time of purchase. The company will repair or replace any product that develops problems within the three years.

Within the first 90 days, kind will cover all the costs associated with repair and replacement of the defective LED lights. After the 90 days, you may need to include the shipping costs minus the $50 credit that the company will repay.

Overall, the warranty terms are the most favorable in the market for LED lights intended to protect the buyer from defects.

Product Line

The k5 series LED lights from the company feature the largest footprint on the market. The UL Listed lights are a mixture of 3 and five diodes for intensity and efficiency. Other features that you will find with the k5 series are the 8-stage digital timer that switches the infrared on and off in a manner that mimics the sunlight. They also have a full-dimmable spectrum.

The K3 Series product line features a 12-band spectrum for the enhanced flowering stage. The series does not have some of the top features that you’ll find in k5 series.

The IP65 compliant bar lights are another product line from the company that comes with two different spectrums. The primary role of these bar lights is to provide greenhouses with the right intensity required. They also have IR and UV to serve the needs of the plants adequately.

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