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Sustainability and global warming are two of the most trending topics in the 21st century. Similarly, indoor gardening is making waves in contemporary society in a fashion that would not have been imaginable in the past. People are now finding it more comfortable to grow plants indoors under controlled conditions for optimal harvests.

All you need is a grow tent and all the other necessary fixtures such as fans and LED grow lights. Individually, LED grow lights are relatively new in indoor gardening, and they are proving energy efficient. They have a long lifespan and are cheap in the long run, compared to their traditional counterparts.

But how would you identify a quality LED grow light? In other words, which are the factors to consider when choosing LED grow lights?

We go into great depth on how to select the right LED grow light for you in this article:

How to Choose A Quality Indoor LED Grow Light



Choosing the most respected and popular brand when purchasing particular equipment is the most logical thing to do. Companies with a long history of making specific products have invested time and resources to perfect their products. As a result, the chances of getting poor quality are minimal.

In the world of LED grow lights, certain brands are known for investing in market research and innovation. Such a company, therefore, produces quality products that have minimal complaints.

Materials and Build Quality

LED grow lights are innovative by nature. They use minimal energy and produce a significant amount of light to enhance the growth of your crops. However, it is the materials and build quality that determines the overall durability of the LED grow lights.

Preferably, you should choose LED to grow lights that are from United States manufacturers since they abide by a higher level of manufacturing standards.

Make sure that the LED comes with at least five years warranty. This will protect you from poor quality and manufacturer’s defects. The best LED grow lights should go for up to 10 years.

Full Spectrum LED Lights

Plants require specific wavelengths for photosynthesis to occur. There are numerous LED lights on the market, but only a few of them can boast full spectrum capability. In that regard, it is always important to choose the products that will be most beneficial to the plants. And full spectrum LED lights are the gold standard.

The Type of Semiconductor Chips

The primary role of semiconductor chips is to convert electricity to light energy. Another vital role is converting power to different wavelengths that the plants require for photosynthesis.

Ideally, always pick the LED lights that contain chips with at least 3 watts. Anything less than this may fall short of producing sufficient light energy that the crops need to thrive.

Total Output

You should make sure to read the units of a particular lamp and determine whether it is sufficient for your grow room. The output can be anything above 300 watts. For the best results, always opt for above 300 watts output.

You should keep in mind that chips burn out over time and so the wattage diminishes over a period. The higher the wattage, the longer it will take for the total output to decline beyond the ideal level.

Efficient Cooling System

The best LED grow light should have an efficient cooling system. The system should efficiently keep the temperatures down to prevent damage to the lamp. More importantly, an excellent cooling system will prevent damage to the crops.

High temperatures are detrimental to the growth of plants. At a minimum, the LED grow light should have a thick aluminum heat sink.


The best-LED light for your grow room should come with a magnifying lens. Specifically, the glass will enhance the penetration of light to at least 25%. The lenses may make the LED light a bit expensive, but it is a good investment.

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