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Unit Farm is a company with over nine years’ experience in the manufacture of indoor gardening equipment. Among their top products include LED grow lights, and of course, grow tents.

Unit Farm grow tents have all the qualities that you would expect from a top quality indoor gardening equipment. Compared with its competitors, the brand is easily among the top. But what features make the grow tents worth the recognition?

A Tough Reflective Mylar Material

The 1680D material on this grow tent as one of the best. It is thick and robust to create the perfect insulation to maintain ideal internal grow environment for your plants. Comparable materials are not as thick, and that is one of the reasons why it is a favorite of many people.

Apart from the sturdy, thick material, the Unit Farm grow tent has a top quality reflective Mylar material that enhances the lighting output by up to 20%. Furthermore, it distributes the light effectively around the tent to make sure that it penetrates the canopy.

A Strong Frame

The type of frame that a particular grow tent brand uses determines how strong the structure is. Some competitors on the market use a blend of metallic and plastic materials on the frames. However, Unit Farm only uses metal frames to create the best solid structure that holds up to 300 lbs. That means it can hold the significant weight of the tent material as well as other fixtures that are important in indoor gardening.

You will notice that some of the grow tents on the market have plastic connectors. And while they may claim to be strong, the plastic connectors cannot match the 100% metal frames and connectors. There’s also the issue of durability, and plastic can sometimes be vulnerable to the elements.

Light Proofing

It is quite critical that the grow tent material is light proof to ensure efficient distribution of light inside the structure. The 1680D Material is thicker than most others on the market, and that creates the perfect insulation to prevent light loss. No amount of light can penetrate the fabric.

The industrial strength zippers play an essential role in preventing the loss of light. There’s no space for the light to pass between the teeth of the zipper. Industrial strength also means that the zippers are long-lasting and they will serve you a long time. In the majority of cases, the zippers are what makes a particular tent durable or weak.

Waterproof and Quiet

The grow tent can stop up to 90% of the sound inside the structure. That means you can enjoy a quiet working environment indoors. A little discreteness is essential when it comes to cultivating certain crops, and unit farm grow tents help you achieve it.

The product is waterproof, and it protects other equipment inside the structure. Combined with the soundproof material, the waterproofing creates the perfect indoor grow environment for you.

View Window

The grow tent comes with a view window that you can use at any time to check the progress of the crops. The view window has light proof Velcro seals to prevent any light leaks. Most importantly, the view window minimizes instances of physical contact with the plants to avoid interrupting the perfect indoor environment.

Easy to Assemble

The poles are interlocking and easy to assemble. Unit Farm grow tents are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. Alternatively, you can use the online video resource to guide you step by step on the assembly process.


The unit farm grow tents are both bug proof and disease-proof to keep your plants healthy and growing at the rate that you desire.

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