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Mars Hydro are specialists in grow tents and LED lighting. All the products from the manufacturer feature a 1680D thick and sturdy cloth that provides adequate insulation and reflection.

Mars Hydro is not a new entrant in the world of indoor gardening products. It has been in business since 2009, and they have perfected the art of producing quality indoor gardening equipment. As a beginner or professional grower, you need the best stuff when transitioning to the indoor cultivation. The simplest way of getting quality is by choosing products from respected brands, and Mars Hydro is at the top of the pack.

The following are some of the features that Mars Hydro grow tents come with, and which makes them some of the best in the industry.

Ultra-reflective and Thick Mylar Material

The quality of the tent material can make or break your indoor gardening project. Tent material is responsible for creating excellent insulation to make sure that nothing interferes with the perfect internal environment. It is also responsible for effective distribution of light inside the structure. Ardent growers know that the quality and quantity of light determines the quality of yield. The best grow tent optimizes the light from the grow lights.

Mars Hydro grow tents are ultra-reflective, and they bounce the light around the structure to ensure that it penetrates to every part of the plant. The overall result is healthier plants and fantastic yields that will make you a happy grower.

The 1680D material is one of the best to provide the perfect insulation and protection for your crops. It is almost impossible for the light to penetrate this thick material. Therefore, you can be sure that all the light produced inside the grow tent is put to good use. Nothing escapes.

The thick material also provides safety and protection for the plants. The pests and other bugs that are up to no good will find it hard to penetrate the structure.

Light Proof

Mars Hydro grow tents are light proof and all the light produced inside the structure is put into good use. Apart from the thick fabric, the grow tents feature double stitching for durability and tight seams that light cannot penetrate. It also has heavy duty zippers that are light proof, as well.

Metal Frame and Corner Connectors

The stability of the structure is critical to the safety and security of the plants. Mars Hydro grow tents have solid metal poles and side connectors to provide a stable frame. As a result, it can hold a significant weight and provide adequate protection for the crops.

Easy View Window

The easy view window allows you to peek inside without actually interrupting the indoor grow environment. You can check the progress as many times as you want without having to worry about interference that may prove detrimental to the crops.


Mars Hydro grow tents come with various adjustable vents for filter and fan output to provide adequate ventilation inside the structure. Proper ventilation is another critical pillar of successful indoor gardening.

Removable Tray

Most of the competing grow tents may not have a removable tray, but it is an important feature. The removable tray helps in cleaning the tent. Without it, it is quite challenging to keep the indoor grow environment clean and hospitable for the plants.

Thankfully, Mars Hydro grow tents have a removable tray that comes with straps to hold it in place. You can quickly remove the tray for cleaning.

Easy Installation

Mars Hydro grow tents are quite easy to install. The provided instructions are easy to follow, and you may not need any tool to set the structure up.

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