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The hardest part of starting an indoor grow venture is deciding which equipment is most fitting. Of course, the market is awash with numerous products all promising great results. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are particularly honest about the features and capability of the equipment.

Prime Garden is one of the most trusted brands in the market of indoor gardening. As a result, their equipment is quality and long lasting. In the following discussion, we highlight some of the most important features associated with Prime Garden Grow kit that may prove a deal breaker for you, as the glower.

Full Spectrum LED

LED grow light is the center pole of indoor gardening. Without a sufficient source of light, you cannot have any plants in the first place. The quality of light that the crops get can make or break your indoor growing venture. As you may already know, it is not all types of lights that are vital to plant growth.

Prime garden grow kit comes with an efficient LED grow light that provides the red and blue spectrum to power growth and increases the yield of your favorite crop. The actual output of the grow light is 300W.

The full spectrum LED also has a user-friendly design that makes it possible to choose between the various modes according to the plant stage. For example, you can choose between the vegetative or the bloom stage.

A Strong Reflective Tent Material

The best grow kit includes a robust reflective tent material to provide sufficient insulation and light reflection to support plant growth. Prime garden grow package has a 600D Mylar reflective material which provides enough insulation to offer crop protection. Various factors can ruin a good harvest. For example, external temperatures can interfere with the perfect grow tent conditions if the material is not strong enough.

Apart from being strong, the Mylar reflective material enhances the distribution of light within the structure. It is quite critical that every part of the plant gets a sufficient amount of light for photosynthesis and to power growth.

The Mylar material is up to 96% reflective, and which is good news for growers and the plants. You are sure that no light escapes and that it penetrates the canopy as it should.

Good Air Circulation

Poor air circulation can cause stunting of plants. It is also the most natural way of having weak plants. You can have the best equipment such as LED lights and grow tent material, but a poor circulation within the tent may be the factor that finally breaks the camel’s back.

However, you will not need to worry about air circulation with the grow kits from Prime Garden. The inline fan air carbon filter provides fresh air for the crops. Even better, the activated carbon used in the filter is environmentally friendly.

A Strong Frame

A sturdy frame provides sufficient support to the whole structure. It is no secret that grow kits carry significant weight. Without a stable structure, it is almost impossible to protect the plants from the elements and the crumbling of the structure.

The prime garden grow kit comes with sturdy metal poles and plastic corners to create a stable structure that can support the tent, as well as, other fixtures.


The grow kit is most appropriate for people that want to venture into vegetable, fruits or herbs growing. The kits offer the most natural way of starting an indoor garden without having to struggle with searching for the necessary equipment.

Easy to Set Up

The assembly instructions the Prime Garden grow kits come with are easy to follow. For some people, it only takes a few minutes to have the whole structure standing and the work going on. Some of us can’t wait to start growing their favorite crops.

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