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The perfect indoor grow kit comes with everything that you need to start indoor gardening. For example, the package includes a grow tent, a sturdy frame, air circulation equipment and of course a floor tray. However, some brands on the market do not have the best quality in terms of grow kit accessories.

BloomGrow is a familiar name in the indoor gardening equipment market. In fact, it is among the top brands associated with quality equipment. Apart from having all the necessary accessories to start an indoor gardening venture, the equipment is top quality.

A Tough Grow Tent Material

The grow tent material plays a crucial role in indoor gardening. It is the one guy protection for your crops. The best grow tent should be thick enough to act as insulation and protect the plants from the outside elements. Plants thrive when the conditions are perfect, and a good grow tent makes sure of that.

BloomGrow has a 600D oxford material which is both durable and thick to keep off intruders such as pests from feasting on the plants. More importantly, the sturdy material is the perfect insulation against the elements of weather and helps maintain the ideal internal conditions to support crop growth. The plants are happy, and you become a happy grower as well.

The material also comes with up 96% reflective surface that bounces the light around to enhance canopy penetration. You can be sure that every part of the plant gets sufficient light to ensure optimal growth and fruit production. Another vital role of the reflective surfaces is to ensure that the structure is light proof. All the light from the LED goes to good use.

A Waterproof Floor Tray

BloomGrow makes sure that waterproof floor tray is part of the package. The primary purpose of the floor tray is to keeps the tent clean. It is removable and makes maintenance of the tent to be effortless.

Efficient LED Grow Light

The LED grow light has a user-friendly full spectrum design. It is easy to use and produces the necessary spectrums that plants need to photosynthesize. As a result, it is easier to grow the crops in any growth cycle and expect the best yields.

Light Proof

BloomGrow grow kits boast various features to prevent light leaks. For example, the 96% Mylar reflective material keeps the light from escaping the tent. Other features include double stitching and the sturdy zipper keeps the light inside the structure. And should you want a perfectly dark room, the various features are sufficient and would not allow any light inside.

Easy Access

Easy access into the grow room is necessary. You will need to attend to various plant needs, and effortless access comes in handy. Mostly, the majority of BloomGrow kits are big enough to allow easy access for the grower. Additionally, the heavy-duty zipper provides all the access that you may need into the grow room.

Good ventilation

The inline fan filter is another vital equipment in BloomGrow kits to ensure efficient ventilation into the grow tent. Good circulation is critical to efficient plant growth and health. Inline fan filter also helps keep the internal environment cool and favorable for the plants.

Observation window

Most of the grow kits in the market do not have a tent that has an observation window. Some people may not see the importance of the observation window, but it has an important role to play.

The observation window gives the grower the benefit of observing the plants without actually going inside. Sometimes it is not necessary to go inside and interrupt the perfect grow tent environment to see the progress of the plant. BloomGrow kits have a excellent design observation window.

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