MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light 1600W PRO II Epistar Full Spectrum Review

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Mars Hydro PRO II Epistar 1600W grow light is a powerful and efficient LED grow lights back by a Canadian 3 Year warranty. With a 5.5×5.5ft vegetative coverage and 4.5×4.5ft flowering coverage.



Last updated on November 26, 2020 9:03 pm

The grow lights are not only powerful, but they are energy efficient. You will notice that highlights come with the full power functionality, but that does not mean it consumes a lot of energy. The upgraded fans, power supply, and chips are responsible for optimal performance. Another important feature is the improved reflector cup design that makes sure the unit produces the right amount of light and achieves efficiency.

Product Details
Size: 1600W | Color Name: Pro II Epistar
Shipping Weight: 15.9 Kg
5.5×5.5ft vegetative coverage
4.5×4.5ft flowering coverage
3 years authentic warranty from Toronto service center

The grow light has a long lifespan of up to 50000 hours, and so it will serve you for a long time. That is enough time to ensure you recoup your investment. It has an efficient cooling system to complement the high output level. And depending on plant needs, you can connect different lights using u connector. You also have the option of choosing between the bloom and growth switches for optimal performance.

Specification: MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light 1600W PRO II Epistar Full Spectrum Review


1600W LED


Pro II Epistar Series

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