BloomGrow 24x24x48 Complete Indoor Hydroponic Grow Kit Review

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The high quality grow tent has a reflective Mylar material that improves the internal conditions of indoor gardening.

Last updated on November 26, 2020 10:07 pm

The high reflective Mylar material reflects up to 96% of light within the grow tent enhancing its dissemination to the benefit of the plants. Each part of the plant, therefore, gets a good measure of the light. The grow tent comes with a plastic corner. It has quite a durable material that provides adequate insulation for the protection of plants within the enclosure. No external element will find its way inside.

Product Details
Size: 24”X24”X48”
Shipping Weight: 5.5 Kg

The grow tent has a stable construction that includes not only study material but also 16-millimeter metal rods and plastic connectors. The double stitching and the large heavy duty zippers all contribute to making the structure light proof. The bugs and diseases will also not find their way into the grow tent. And to accommodate the filter and fan output, the grow tent has multiple vents. The rectangular vents with mesh are for ventilation. The installation process is quick and easy. The provided instructions are easy to follow, and you may not need any special tools. One feature that makes cleaning easy is the removable and waterproof floor tray.

Specification: BloomGrow 24x24x48 Complete Indoor Hydroponic Grow Kit Review


24''x24''x48'' Grow Tent Kit

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